Monday, April 21, 2014

Blender Mishaps

So...I love my blender.
Story #1
After Aaron and I were married, we combined our two households worth of stuff. We had a couple of different blenders. All cheap ones from Walmart that could barely blend. After those died out, we decided that we cook enough that we could justify buying a nice blender. We bought a Ninja! Love it. It's been great.
I went to use it one day and couldn't find the little cover that goes over the pouring spout. We had just used my blender for a youth night activity, so I figured it must have been left at the church.
I was so wrong.
Story #2
I couldn't find the little cover to that part of the blender, so I figured it wasn't a big deal. I decided to use the blender anyways and just use a paper towel to cover that little section. I was making coconut curry. There are a lot of big ingredients that you blend down to a smooth liquid, so when the blender started out really, really loud I didn't think much of it. I poured the sauce into the crockpot with the chicken and went on my merry way.
After the curry was finished, I went to taste test it. I kept picking out sharps little bits out of my mouth wondering "What the heck is this??" I thought maybe I didn't blend all the ingredients well enough. Hm. :)
Then it hit me... after the youth night event, the little cover to the pouring spout did pop off and rather than put it back on like I should have, I just threw it in the bottom of my blender and took the whole thing home. OH MY GOODNESS. I had blended an entire piece of clear plastic into my sauce.
Dinner = RUINED
This was one of my favorite dishes ever. I was so sad that I wasn't going to be able to eat it that I had Aaron pick up take out from my favorite Chinese place.
All in all though, it was pretty hilarious... we had a good laugh about it!
Now I will forever more be using a paper towel over the pour spout until I buy a new blender in the distant future.
Sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself! :)

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