Sunday, May 4, 2014

Snow Day Fun!

We love living in Arkansas, but the one downside is that we don't get a lot of snow. I love snow. I love snow days and being trapped inside the house. The problem with Arkansas' snow is that it snows a little and the whole town shuts down for an entire week because we have no snow plows...
The UPSIDE to that same thing is that Daddy gets to work from home and take breaks to play with us!

I had bought a "Mr. Potato Head" for Blake a couple days before it started snowing. It was going to go in his church bag for entertaining him on Sundays, but I decided to pull it out a little early. Both Blake and I needed a little extra entertaining that day.
It was a huge hit! His favorite part of the toy are the glasses. He LOVES them. He is constantly trying to put them on the Potato or on himself.

We also built a fort that day. It was also a huge hit. Blake loves snuggling up with his blanket and being all cozy, so a fort was naturally a fun little place to be.

The best part is I get to walk in and kiss this cute guy any time I want!
Can't be anywhere without Blanket...
I love capturing candid moments like this. Blake was in his play room, and I happened to catch him just at the right time. Such a sweet little man.

We decided to get a little creative and made our own bathtub paint. Equal parts water and cornstarch with a tiny bit of baby shampoo and food coloring.

It didn't work out quite like I had hoped. Next time I think we will try using shaving cream with food coloring instead. I hear it works much better.

Mommy trying to help Blake...

We love being snowed into our little home. Especially while Daddy is there. Now it's time for some hot chocolate and cuddling up next to the fireplace while we watch a movie. Let it snow!

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