Sunday, May 4, 2014

Aaron's Birthday!!

Happy Birthday to my favorite person in the whole world!!
So I may be kind of cheesy, but you can't take yourself too seriously right? ;) This year, I found these super cute "nerdy" cards. I had to use them. I just had to. I put each one in an envelope with a time of day written on the front. Each hour of the day starting at 9 AM, I had Blake deliver one to Aaron. Oh, Aaron's birthday was on a Saturday this year, which was fun because we got to spend the whole day with him.

We spent the day just relaxing and spending time together. I made Aaron the same cake I make him every year... a German chocolate cake with his Grandma's homemade frosting. He loves it, and I love making it for him!
I had arranged for a babysitter that night, so we dropped Blake off at the babysitters and went to Colton's for dinner. Yum!
After we came back home, Aaron opened his present from me and Blake. He had been wanting a steering wheel for his XBOX games that are the car/driving ones. It was kind of expensive, so he kept putting it off because he didn't really know if it was worth the money. A couple of months ago, I happened to see one at the Associate Store for $30! I was ecstatic. I bought it right away and hid it away.
He loved it!!

Love that cheesy grin. ;)
It was a blast, and I can't wait to spend many more birthdays with this handsome guy!


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