Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Just Blakey and Me in South Dakota

Get ready for a major picture overload...We took a little trip to South Dakota! Since we were having so many showings for our house, I thought it would be a great time for just Blake and I to take a little trip. That way I didn't have to stress about keeping the house clean constantly and the realtor could just come and go. It was also Nate's Birthday, and he was feeling a little down so we thought we would come cheer him up. I did not foresee selling our house so quickly though! We decided to go to South Dakota anyways since the trip was already planned. I was pretty nervous since the last time we traveled to SD with Blake, he did not do so well.
I planned this out way in advance. I made sure we had lots of new, fun snacks and toys. I planned out where to stop so that we would have some fun breaks from the car. I also planned it out so that I could take full advantage of his nap times. I left in the morning about an hour before Blake's morning nap. We were in Missouri before I realized that my insurance had expired, and my new card was still at the had to backtrack a little. Once we picked up the new card, we were on our way. Blake slept for quite a while. We stopped for lunch at a specific McDonalds that Aaron had programmed into my phone. One of his friends at work had told him about it. It was AWESOME. It had one of the coolest play lands ever. I was so glad that we stopped there. Blake had a blast. After lunch, we packed up and headed out. We had bought a tablet holder that fits over the back of the passaenger seat for my car. Aaron had put a bunch of fun movies on it for Blake. I put "Monsters, Inc." on for Blake before we left. He loves that movie so much! It's precious. Anyways, he watched that for awhile and fell asleep for his afternoon nap. He woke up a little before Omaha. We stopped for lunch somewhere before Sioux City. He had a little trouble from there to Sioux Falls. I think he was tired of being in the car. Finally we arrived in Sioux Falls. Oh, did I mention that we left a day early? We weren't supposed to be in Sioux Falls until Wednesday, but I left on Tuesday to surprise my family. When we arrived, no one was at the house!! I had to call Dad and tell him that we were there and ask where they were. He didn't tell mom, but just brought her home. Blake and I were hiding inside. It was such a fun surprise! I had a box with a sign on it that said "Happy Birthday, Uncle Nate" on it. We put Blake inside the box when Nate pulled up, so Blake popped out of the box when Nate walked in. Priceless!

Blake LOVES Mom and Dad's cat. I turned Blake around to watch the cat outside because he was so distracted that he couldn't eat while turning around to watch the cat outside. His favorite thing was to chase the cat!
We also took a little trip up to Dell Rapids to visit Grandma Jane's apartment and new antique store.

Needless to say, Grandma's apartment provided quite the entertainment!

Grandma's new store...opening in April!

Blake's Grandma introduced him to tablet games...

Saturday night, we celebrated Nate's birthday. Nate thought we were just having pizza. I took him out to get the pizza while all of our relatives showed up at the house to celebrate with him. He was pretty surprised when we showed up and everyone was there. We had a great time with everyone. Aaron and I bought Nate a suitcase set that Blake is diving into below. We bought it for his mission/college, but he actually won't be able to go on his mission for a little while because has been having some pretty crazy dental work done, and he can't go until that's all complete. He has some teeth growing in sideways I believe.


Ben loves playing with clay... isn't this cute!? I watched "Frozen" for the first time while we were there. Ben made it for me afterwards. So fun!

Three hours of church is tough business!
Isn't this adorable! Blake and Grandpa playing "Angry Birds" on his tablet.

Ben and I had lunch together one day at his school. I will treasure this picture forever.

I also took Nate out to lunch one day, too. It was great to get to spend some time with just Nate on this trip. He's such a good guy. I'm really excited to see where he goes in life.

We also took a trip to Mom's work at the Pavilion. Blake is at such a fun age right now. He loved exploring all over! We also had a good time running errands with Mom quite often for work. It was nice to be able to have a chance to talk and spend time together just the two of us!

So I took a picture of this parking lot, because this is where one of our old houses used to be! Crazy!!! It's now a hospital parking lot....this whole area of town has changed so much. It was weird to sit on this corner and watch people getting in and out of their cars and thinking that I used to live right there.

We went to Pizza Ranch with Dad on our last day. Blake had a blast! Mom had to work, so it was just Dad, me, and the boys. It was fun to have time to just visit with Dad, too. Love my parents!

We stayed for about a week and then it was time to go home. I missed Aaron so much, and I think Blake did too. The play land Blake is playing on is the one that I mentioned up above. We stopped there again on our way home. It was an even smoother trip home than it was driving up. This gives me great hope for the future and traveling with Blake! He did so well!

Fun trip with my little cutie. We were both happy to be home with Daddy though!


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