Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Flat Stanley for Jacob!

Hi Jacob!
Thank you so much for sending Flat Stanley to me! We had so much fun together. I love living in Arkansas, and there are so many fun things here! I took you to some of my favorite places that you will only find in Arkansas!
We started out at the Walmart Corporate Headquarters where my Dad works! Walmart began over 50 years ago here in Bentonville, AR.
We also visited the Walmart Visitors Center. This store behind me is the first store that Sam Walton owned. He was the founder of Walmart. Do you remember when you visited this place with us when you came to Arkansas?

Next we went to Crystal Bridges Museum. This is a really famous museum where we live. It is full of American art that you will learn about in school someday. Stanley loved the silver tree statue in the front. I like the statues that I can climb on.

There is a cool statue outside of Crystal Bridges right now. It’s called “Making Hay.” There are three HUGE statues made out of hay, and they look like people working in a hay field. Pretty cool!

We also stopped for a snack. This drink is as big as Stanley!

It wouldn’t be a trip to Arkansas if we didn’t visit the HOME OF THE RAZORBACKS!

We went down to Fayetteville to visit the University of Arkansas. The Bud Walton Arena is behind me. This is where the Razorbacks play basketball!

This is where the track team practices! They have won 42 NCAA championships in the last 30 years. That’s amazing!

This is where the Razorbacks play FOOTBALL! We love watching the Razorbacks! I like to call the hogs and throw my football at my Dad while he is trying to watch them on TV.

We also made a stop in Rogers, AR where we visited the Daisy Air Gun Museum. Rogers is where we live, and it’s where Daisy Air guns are made!

We live in something called “The Bible Belt” where there are lots of churches everywhere! These crosses are next to a church by my house. They are over 75 feet tall!

The food in Arkansas is AMAZING. Stanley decided to try some okra. I really don’t like okra, but Stanley loved it!

Flat Stanley had so much fun with us! Thanks for sending him to me. We hope you can come visit Arkansas soon, too!
Love, Cousin Blake

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