Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Hotel Living

Living in a hotel is quite the adventure! I can't complain though. We have a nice little set up with a kitchen and dining area and lots of storage. Oh, and someone comes in every morning and makes my bed, cleans the bathroom, does my dishes, and vacuums the yeah. I really can't complain!
Here's the kitchen area.
Blake is such a ham...he's enjoying running around in the space. He actually is adjusting pretty well. I was really nervous that he wouldn't. When we took him to the house for the last time (after we had packed everything), he had a total meltdown. He just ran around the house screaming. It broke my heart. He could tell something was wrong. It was like he knew we were never coming back.

He seems to be having fun in the hotel though.

And he definitely is enjoying the view from our tall building.


After we closed on our house the following week, we went out to eat at Chuy's.


Followed by a trip to our favorite toy store. Blake LOVES shopping carts his size. I think this purchase will be in our near future...

My sweet boy ate breakfast with me in the hotel every morning. They did not have a highchair, but Blake didn't seem to mind.


Blake and I also had lunch dates to Chic Fil A. We like eating there because Blake will eat their food! They also have some pretty awesome play lands.

It didn't take him long to figure this one out...

I was on the phone with my mom one time, and Blake found a diaper in his back pack. He proceeds to strip off his diaper and try to put the new one on! He had never even attempted this before!  He acted like he had done it a million times.

Blake seems to find ways to entertain himself when I'm not playing with him. Apparently  he got his hands on a box of graham crackers. He took a bite out of each one that then made a stack.

...then he went back and took another bite out and made another stack and so on...silly kid!

Just cruising through the hotel lobby eating a complimentary cookie!
Other activities we did at the hotel included swimming, doing laundry, and working out in their gym. Not a bad deal!
We've had a good time here, but we are excited to go to Emily's and have a little more stable environment. We are even more excited to move into our new home!

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