Monday, May 5, 2014

It's Only Natural

So here's a crazy story worth documenting...

A couple of winters ago our plumbing started backing up into our tubs. Really gross. We called a plumber and didn't think too much about it because we didn't have any more problems...until the next winter. The same thing happened again! Aaron's dad was there, so he helped Aaron investigate a little. We ended up calling a plumber again, and again they said everything was fine after they fixed it! So this year as we were trying to get our house ready to sell, our baths backed up again. We called Roto Rooter to come put a camera down our pipes to figure out what was really wrong.
After lots of investigating, the diagnosis came back. Apparently when the houses in our neighborhood were being built 10 years ago, whoever was putting in the drive way drilled straight through our sewer line and crushed it. According to the plumber it can actually take 10 years to manifest inside the house when that happens. So to fix this "little" problem... they had to dig up the drive way, tear out the old pipe and replace it. The best part is that it wasn't even in our drive was in the drive way of our neighbors across the street. I felt so terrible that these other people were going to have to have their drive way torn up. Now for the really bad news....this was something that should never ever have happened. Because of this, there is no insurance that covers it, and because we live in Rogers, AR they won't cover it either even though it was technically on their side of the line. I won't even go into how ridiculous this is, but long story short....we had to foot the bill. Let me just put it this way.... we could have gone to Hawaii and probably Disneyland too...maybe bought a new car with the amount of money we spent on this stupid issue.
It wasn't the best thing to have happen as we were trying to sell a house, but everyone has told us it's only natural that this kind of thing happens when you are trying to sell a house.
So that was our little adventure. Blake sure enjoyed watching all the equipment across the street while they were hard at work. So glad that it's all over with. Hopefully we never have something like that happen again!

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