Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Designing a Home

It's been a lot of fun to work on designing our home together. We have been able to pick practically everything for our house... a lot more than I thought we would get to!
Blake has been a great help picking everything out. Here he is stuffing his mouth while we work with the designer.
We have designed everything from the carpet to light fixtures, tiles, wood floor color, coffered ceilings, wainscoting, tile design in the bathrooms, tumbled stone backsplash, granite color, etc. We have used inspiration from Pinterest, other homes, and just our imaginations.
 It's really fun to think that our house is completely unique to mine and Aaron's tastes. This is hopefully going to be our forever home. We don't plan on EVER moving if we can help it. We purposely designed it to fit all our needs for as many kids as we end up wanting to have.
Can't wait to move in and start enjoying it! For now though, we are having fun looking forward to that day.

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