Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Mountain Home and Danny's Birthday

Aaron's cousin, Joseph, lives in Mountain Home, AR about three hours away. He invited us to his son's 2nd birthday party, and we thought it would be a good excuse to get out of town for the weekend! We made a short stop in Eureka Springs on our way. We ate a picnic lunch and enjoyed the sites. Such a fun place! A little weird too... I'm definitely sure we saw a few people that were high. No joke! Of course, we couldn't leave Eureka without a ton of fudge and taffy. It was a short trip because I had to be back for a hair appointment. Stay tuned for my next post about that. It's going to be big! Anyways, it was a short trip, but definitely worth it!

Once we arrived, we helped finish up the party preparations. Blake had a great time playing in a house that is home to all little boys!

The theme of the party was from "Toy Story." It was beyond adorable. I will definitely be using some of Julieta's ideas for future parties. Below is an etch-a-sketch she made. You can take the "party time" sign off and it becomes a fun photo prop.

Can you believe she made this herself?? How fun!

The MOST adorable little Buzz Lightyear photo prop. It looked just like the right thing, and Julieta made it from scratch.

Joseph also rented a bouncy house. It was total fun. I'm pretty sure if I put one of these in our back yard, I would be mom of the year!

For dinner we had pizza from "Pizza Planet" just like the movie How creative!

Happy Birthday Danny!


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