Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Last 9 Months...

Well, It's been a year since I last updated this blog, but I am going to try REALLY hard to keep up the blog because....
We're having a baby!!!
And I really want to be able to take all my pictures and thoughts from this blog and turn them into a book every year for our me and Aaron and also for baby.
I am already doing a pregnancy book for the baby, so I'm not going to back track and fill in everything on this blog, but I will update with a few highlights from the last 9 months.

We found out we were pregnant in March. This is our Easter picture. We had an awesome time just staying at home and making our own Easter dinner together.
We also started a garden this year! I thought it was very successful... we learned a lot of lessons, and I think next year will be even better. Note to self: plant less cucumbers!
We met my parents, Nate, and Ben in Branson, MO for the weekend. Dad was there for a car convention. It was pretty awesome! Here we are at a drag race.

Here is a picture of Dad racing in the white car!
We also went to a family reunion on Aaron's side of the family. It was nice because it was only three hours away, so that was really nice. Aaron's whole family flew in and visited us at our home for a couple days before we all drove out to Mountain Home, AR.

Us at the family reunion. I am almost 5 months pregnant in this picture.

Another 5 month picture.

In August, my coworkers had a baby shower for me. It was super sweet of them, and we had a blast.
Aaron and I at the shower. I am looking a lot more pregnant now! 6 months.

The cake was one of my favorite things. It matches the baby bedding that we bought. My coworkers had planned it all out so that it matched. So cute!
There was also a little sign on the cake that said "farewell" because this week was also my last week in the office. Since we were first married, we always knew I would be a stay at home mom, so the decision to quit wasn't hard. However, it was tough to decide when to quit. We really prayed about it a lot, and decided that this was the right time. I was sad to leave everyone, but I am SO excited to be a stay at home mom.
In August, we went to Martin's Cove in Wyoming for a family reunion on my side of the family! It was great to see everyone, especially since I haven't seen most of my extended family since our wedding.

Almost 7 months pregnant... I hiked the whole way, but Aaron insisted I ride in the golf cart on the way back. I did pretty well, but I did have my first contractions while we were walking.
Aaron has a new hobby. It's been very fun to watch him having so much fun, and I enjoy watching the rockets too.


Here we are on our second anniversary! We took a picture with our first anniversary picture (which was in China on the Great Wall of China!)
The Young Women threw me a surprise baby shower! It was the sweetest thing. I had no idea. My favorite gift from them was a quilt. On each quilt square the girls wrote a note to me, Aaron, and baby. LOVE IT!
Here was my Halloween project. We also went to a super fun Halloween party, but I didn't get any pictures...It was a murder mystery dinner, and we were given assignments of who to come dressed up as. Aaron was John Denver, and I was Betty Grable.
We've been doing a lot of relaxing lately before the baby comes.

I can't explain in words how much I love this guy. He's taken such good care of me while I've been pregnant. It's amazing. He's so wonderful.

Baby's room!
I love love love his bedding. It's so cute!
We are overflowing with diapers. I love it! Thank you to everyone who has bought them for us!

I'm really proud of these... I sewed them myself!

 The TV is for me... not baby...
We went to a fun little event in downtown Bentonville called "Toyland." It's a preview of all the big toys that are going to be sold at Christmas time.
They had a couple props from the Batman movies there too!

Ok here it is..9 months pregnant!

Aaron likes to make me laugh while he is taking my pictures. Love him!

 Our bags are all packed for the hospital!

And now mommy and daddy are very ready to meet you baby.. so please come soon!