Saturday, February 15, 2014

Our Little Man is Getting Bigger...

Time for a picture update... lots of fun with just the three of us!
Blake and I went to a gym class for babies ages 4 months - 10 months. It was adorable! He had a blast.

How cute is this kid!!

He decided that I needed some help putting away the food storage...

So close to standing up!



The Best Daddy Ever

Happy First Father's Day to my hubby!

Words cannot describe how much I love this man and all that he is. I am so grateful for how hard he works to provide for us, how loving and caring he is, and how much of a good person he is. I look up to him so much, and I am so grateful that Blake has such a good example. I have a lot of faith that Blake will turn out to be a great man because of the dad he has.

For one of Aaron's gifts, I made matching ties! Actually... I didn't make Aaron's. I bought two adult ties that were the same, and then I cut one of them up and sewed Blake's tie. I was too nervous to try to make a tie for Aaron. I am not that talented in my sewing abilities...(maybe next year).

Here are a couple of Aaron's other gifts...
A bag of kisses tied to this Primary song
I mounted this picture onto a black wooden block for Aaron's desk at work.
Don's Father's Day Card

Paul's Father's Day card

I love all these men. Fatherhood is so undervalued in this world today I think. It takes a special man to raise a family and provide for them in the way these men have. I count my blessings because of them every day!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Hike at Devil's Den

Before I moved here, I never imagined how beautiful Arkansas was. It seriously blows my mind every time we drive around the area. I feel so lucky to live somewhere like this. When I was traveling the East Coast with BYU-I, I decided that I was never going to live in an area that I didn't just absolutely adore. P.S. I love the East Coast, and if Aaron ever asked me if I would move there I would say yes in a HEARTBEAT! Arkansas has had that same effect on me. I'm in love with it. We decided that we need to take better advantage of this beautiful area, so we decided to go for a hike at Devil's Den State Park. It was fun walking around because Aaron was telling Blake and I stories of when he was younger and his trips to Devil's Den. I decided not to bring my camera on the hike, because I was carrying Blake and wasn't sure how stable my footing would be. The picture below are from Aaron's phone. I wish we would have taken more! I'm sure we will make many more trips back there each summer. We can't wait to explore more of Arkansas!

Blake had a total blast and was such an angel. We love adventures with our little guy.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

We Love Summer!

I bought Blake a little summer pool. Isn't it the cutest! It's perfect for his age. You plug the hose in and the outside ring fills with water. There are little water fountains all over it as well as little inflatable places to sit. He loves it so much. I love that my little guy loves water so much. It's so fun to play with him. I'm SO looking forward to next summer as well. He will be big enough to swim in an actual pool. Check out our little fish!


Memorial Day Visit!

For Memorial Day this year my family came to visit! We have always enjoyed their visits, but I kind of think it's even more fun now that we have Blake. Grandma and Grandpa have so much fun with him! It's fun to watch Nate and Ben as uncles, too.

At the park watching Daddy shoot off rockets!

It was Ben's 12th birthday on the 1st of June. Happy Birthday!!

Don't let his smile fool you...he hates green food with a passion!

On a walk with Mommy.

We may be growing out of our little blue bathtub...

Mommyhood is the Best

Happy Mother's Day! All those things that people tell you about how you can never explain how it feels to be a mom until it happens? They are all true. I love this little guy more than I can possibly explain. It's such a blessing every day to watch him grow. I feel totally honored that I am entrusted with raising him. I just hope I can do as good of a job as his deserves. He is everything to me and Aaron. Our world completely revolves around him, and that's the way we like it!
This year, Aaron was traveling for work right before Mother's Day, so we took a picture during our "Mother's Day Photo Shoot" just for him.

Happy Mother's Day text that was sent to Grandmas.

This was the card that we sent to Aaron's mom and my mom.
Up to no good...

We were so glad to have Daddy back!

How can you not love this little rolly polly?!