Monday, February 10, 2014

Hike at Devil's Den

Before I moved here, I never imagined how beautiful Arkansas was. It seriously blows my mind every time we drive around the area. I feel so lucky to live somewhere like this. When I was traveling the East Coast with BYU-I, I decided that I was never going to live in an area that I didn't just absolutely adore. P.S. I love the East Coast, and if Aaron ever asked me if I would move there I would say yes in a HEARTBEAT! Arkansas has had that same effect on me. I'm in love with it. We decided that we need to take better advantage of this beautiful area, so we decided to go for a hike at Devil's Den State Park. It was fun walking around because Aaron was telling Blake and I stories of when he was younger and his trips to Devil's Den. I decided not to bring my camera on the hike, because I was carrying Blake and wasn't sure how stable my footing would be. The picture below are from Aaron's phone. I wish we would have taken more! I'm sure we will make many more trips back there each summer. We can't wait to explore more of Arkansas!

Blake had a total blast and was such an angel. We love adventures with our little guy.

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