Sunday, April 6, 2014

Aunt Melanie came to see us!

I decided that a visit from my sister (who is attending college at BYU) was long overdue. So... we decided to fly her out for the week! She is getting ready to go on a study abroad trip for the semester with BYU to...Jordan! She is majoring in Arabic (and some other things I should probably know), so this will be a pretty awesome trip for her. We drove to Branson, MO to pick her up. It's not a bad drive and is only two hours away. Oh, and MUCH cheaper than flying into XNA!
Blake decided to take the helm on the way there.
Aunt Melanie!!!!! At the airport.
We did lots of fun activities while she was here, but we definitely spent a lot of time outside. Blake loves his Aunt!

There were lots of places we could have eaten that were "Southern," but we elected to take Mel to "Slim Chickens'". It's one of my favorites. Here is a picture of Mel eating okra! She was a big fan. I don't think she would have eaten catfish anyways, so this was a great alternative.

We had froyo with Aunt Mel, too. Blake felt pretty special at getting to stay up late with us.

We also took a little side trip to Eureka Springs, AR. It's a cute little artistic town with all kinds of weird, random shops. It's a lot of fun to just walk around. I'm pretty sure there are pot using hippies there too...but it's fun place nonetheless.


Yeah...we make pretty cute kids!

Mel can only wear very conservative clothes while she is in Jordan. Since she will be living there for several months, it's important to blend into the culture, which includes a lot of strict requirements for women. One of those is conservative clothing. She can't wear anything shorter than a full skirt. The problem's also HOT in Jordan. I had just learned how to sew my own maxi skirts. I'm wearing mine in the pictures up above...the pink chevron skirt. Anyways, I suggested to Mel that we make her a couple of maxi skirts to take with her so that she could stay cool while still wearing appropriate clothing for Jordan.

Touring the neighborhood!

Aunt Mel is kind of silly...

It was so fun to hang out with Mel for a week...just the two of us! Ok maybe just the three of us... :) I love my sister with all my heart. I am so proud of the person she is and I love being her sister. I'm so happy that Blake has an awesome aunt to look up to along with his cool uncles. Such a fun week! Now we are excited to see where Mel's adventures take her on the other side of the world!
Bon Voyage little sister!


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