Tuesday, March 4, 2014

25 Years!

My birthday!!!
I love my birthdays. Why not? They're fun! I can't believe that I'm 25 years old. that seems really old and really not old at the same time. It's a strange place to be...but I love it! I couldn't think of anything that would be more fun than spending my birthday with these two guys!
  This year we decided to celebrate by visiting the new water park down the street from us. It's crazy expensive and over priced for what it is, but they were having a half price day on my birthday. It's super fun! I really wish it wasn't so expensive because it would be a really fun thing to take Blake to more often. When they opened the water park this year, there was a major outrage because of the price. It's $15 a person! Anyways, it was a lot of fun.


Twenty-Five feels great! I couldn't wish for anything more on my birthday!

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