Monday, March 3, 2014

Summer Play Dates

This summer, a few of my friends and I did a weekly play group. We would all get together on Thursday mornings. What I loved about it was that we were always going on "field trips." We went to parks, firehouses, gardens, etc. It was a great excuse to get out with friends and enjoy the outdoors. Granted, Blake is probably too young to fully enjoy it, but mommy did. It was great getting to know more about Northwest Arkansas, too. That way, in the future, I'll be able to know what to do with Blake when he's older for fun summer activities. It also got me thinking that I should start a play group for Blake in a couple months when all the older kids go back to school. I have found that being a new mom with a little guy makes it easy to not want to leave the house some days. Piles of laundry and diapers to take care of....not to mention bad days filled with teething. It's great to have other moms to hang out with to swap SAHM (stay at home mom) stories with. I love play dates!

And it wouldn't be a true blog post without a couple of random pictures from our every day life....Love that Blake is always giving me reasons to take pictures!

See the little car below? Behind Blake? He loves to chase that car around. He is always pushing it and it flys across the room, usually getting stuck somewhere. He enjoys retrieving it every time.
Who would have thought the laundry room would be Blake's favorite? Maybe that will last up through his teenage years...maybe...


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