Sunday, April 6, 2014

Kansas City Weekend

We decided to take a trip to the temple, and since Kansas City is way cooler than Oklahoma City (in my opinion) that's where we went! We went with Chris and Emily so we could take turns babysitting. We went up Friday night and played at the hotel. When we got there, we realized that our hotel serves a free dinner. That was AWESOME. We snacked for awhile, and then went off to see what else there was at the hotel.
Blake checking out our bed.
Blake was totally ready for the pool! The three of us swam for quite awhile before heading back upstairs for bed.

The next day we met Chris and Emily at their hotel. We took turns babysitting while the other couple did a session. Aaron and I did sealings for the first time. It was such a sweet experience to remember the covenants we made when we were married and to be able to carry out that same work for another couple. We can't wait to go back and do more!
After the temple, we headed to the Crown City Plaza. It was one of the coolest malls ever, especially for little kids. We ate lunch at the "Crayola Café." The placemats came with crayons naturally. Also, all of the kids got their own little appetizer of cheerios, goldfish, and raisins. Precious!

After that we headed over to....LEGOLAND! I'm not sure who was more excited...Blake or Daddy. I'll let you guess from the picture. LEGOLAND has two major attractions in Cali and Florida, and then they have five "discovery centers" which are like mini versions. One of those discovery centers happens to be in Kansas City. They had lots of things to play with as well as a couple of rides. Super fun!

Downtown KC made out of Legos.
The KC Stadium

My favorite Lego attraction... the Wizard of OZ!

Mommy and Blake had a lot of fun playing with the life size Legos!

These little cuties had a blast together. Fun Weekend!


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