Monday, April 14, 2014

Walking Update

He's walking! He started right around 10 months. He was really going around 11 months. It was so weird to see him crawling one day and walking the next. You get so used to seeing him on the ground that it's just bizarre when he starts doing something more "adult." A lot of people complain or even get really emotional about their kids getting older, but I have yet to experience that. As Blake changes it makes me more and more excited! Maybe it's because he's my oldest, and I know I will have a new baby to cuddle and do everything all over again with. I just love watching him change! I wish I was better about documenting every little change so that I could look back and watch him change all over, but to be honest he changes so much that I can't keep up with it! And I am more about being in the moment with him rather than trying to document for documenting's sake. I DO still take lots of pictures though, so here are a few of our little man walking!



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