Sunday, April 6, 2014

Silver Dollar City

Silver Dollar City! We love this place. It's in Branson, MO near our home. Emily and Chris asked if we wanted to go with them to the Fall Festival. Definitely! Love this place anytime, but it was especially fun while it was all decorated for Fall. We ate at our favorite "Mine Restaurant" which is underground. We found some new activities for Blake to do as well. We will definitely be getting season passes again when Blake is a little older. We had season passes the first year we were married, but we didn't get them last year since I was pregnant and wouldn't have been able to ride any of the rides anyways.

Notice that Aaron is in red and khaki and so is Chris up ahead of him. Matching! :)
The Ball Pit was definitely Blake's favorite. We could have stayed there all day long. He had such a blast!

I have to give major props to SDC because they have a "Mother's Nursing Station." How cool is that??? It's so nice to have an actual place to go and nurse rather than trying to be discreet in public. It was kind of like a little piece of heaven.

This was the room. It had a rocking chair and everything. It even had a lock on the door. So cool!

 I can't resist taking pictures of this sweet little man!

Playing with Bailey... there were these tubes that you could shove the balls into and they would be sucked into the tube and fall down from the roof. This ball pit was three stories tall. I can't wait for Blake to be a little bigger. He will get such a kick out of this place!


While the daddies went to ride some of the "big rides," we took a time out from the kids area to eat a snack. Blake was just having a great time hanging out!

Emily and Chris watched Blake while Aaron and I went to ride a couple of the bigger roller coasters. So much fun! Blake was spoiled a little bit by Bailey and Tanner. They decided he needed a little ice cream. Yum! We had some tired little kids on the way home, but it was well worth it.
Love Silver Dollar City!


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