Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Christmas in South Dakota

South Dakota!
This year it was my parents turn to have us for Christmas. My sister was home as well, so all the siblings were there except Sam, who is still on his mission. We had a lot of fun, and it was good to just hang out and relax. It snowed a lot and was SO cold. There were days where it was too cold to take Blake outside. I kind of liked that because it made us stay inside and do family things and be all cozy and warm.
We did quite a bit of cooking. Nate decided he wanted chocolate covered pretzels, but dipping them one by one was too tedious for him so this was his

Blake was in love with the cat! He chased him everywhere. I think the cat secretly liked the attention.

More cooking! Making sugar cookies at Christmas has always been my sisters thing.

We made a trip to my mom's work to visit the science center. It was so fun to do with Blake. He was totally enthralled with everything.


Check out the size of these snow flakes! I love SD winters...

Decorating gingerbread houses!

This was one of my favorite activities when I was little. We lived in the country, so we had all kinds of room to play with the three wheeler. Now that my parents live in town, so it's a little more conspicuous...but no one called the police on us so I guess we were ok!

Don't laugh at my outfit... I completely forgot to bring a coat much less a hat, so I had to wear whatever I could find.

Hanging out with cousin Stella and Blake.


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