Wednesday, April 16, 2014

My Baby is One!

I have been so excited to throw a party for my little kids as long as I can remember! Needless to say...months went into the planning of this party. I fell in love with this "dump truck" theme that I saw on Pinterest. I started piecing together different things that I saw on Pinterest and a lot of my own ideas. Hours of preparation were totally worth it!
We had called Aaron's parents and told them that they should come visit for Blake's birthday since we hadn't seen them for awhile. They agreed and booked their tickets. A couple days later, Mom called back and said that her brother and sister from Mountain Home wanted to come and they were bring their families too. I think her other two sisters wanted in on the fun, so her other two sisters booked tickets from Colorado and Arizona! Major family reunion!! They asked me to photograph all the siblings together. I was totally honored, and we had a good time!

It was great to hang out with all of them for the whole weekend. Of course, everyone came to Blake's party. Emily, Chris, Joseph, and Julieta all came too along with their families. Here are a few pictures of the fun!
The Invitations

The sign outside of the house


Blake was so excited when he saw this teddy bear from Grandma Lanoy! He went right for it and picked it up out of the bag and carried it around for quite awhile.

Blake had a blast opening presents. I think having all the other kids there was a blast for him too.


Waiting for cake!


Blake wasn't too impressed with the cake...maybe next year...

We bought Blake a broom for his birthday. I think it was love at first sight! Now he can help around the house... ;)

It was a great night, and we were so thankful to everyone who came. Blake is one loved little guy!!

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