Sunday, April 6, 2014

Other Happenings...

Here are a couple of other things that have happened lately. Just a few random photos from our life!
Every once in awhile I like to be creative for date night. Here is an idea that I  made up on my own. It turned out SO fun. I think Aaron was totally surprised, and he had a lot of fun too! Love hanging out with my man. Oh, and we got a babysitter too, so that was an extra bonus.
I decided to send Sam a little package now that he has been out on his mission for awhile. I saw this SUPER cute idea online to make nametags and ties. I even took the time to make a special frosting that would harden up so it wouldn't get ruined in the mail. It still tasted delicious though. Unfortunately, he did say that they were all broken when he received them, but he could still tell what they were.

Such a cutie. :)


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