Monday, August 19, 2013

Starting the New Year Off Right!

Well not exactly....

It was practically a given that Blake was bound to get sick after hours in a germy airport, and that's exactly what happened.

Despite being very sick, he actually looks very peaceful! It broke my heart watching him suffer. I spent a lot of time just holding him in the bathroom with the shower on to try and help him breathe. It was miserable. My friend introduced me to essential oils to try to help Blake while he was sick. Now I swear by them. It's great to have found something that works that is all natural. Even though I rarely get sick, I did catch whatever Blake had. Taking care of Blake while he was sick was so sad even while I was totally healthy, so being very sick myself was even worse. Thank goodness for Aaron! He took such good care of us both!

Eventually we recuperated. I have never been so grateful!

Here's hoping we never are sick again...(at least not at the same time!)


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