Monday, August 19, 2013

Christmas Time in Utah

This year was our year to travel to Utah for Christmas. We knew it would be a challenge with Blake, but when the time came I was really grateful he had been born a little early. I was glad he was a little bit older when it was time to take him on an airplane. I never used to worry about germs until I had a baby. All of the sudden I am extremely aware of everyone's dirty hands coming near my child, or another kids dirty snotty face rubbing against my baby. It may sound mean, you will soon hear... a sick baby is nothing to take lightly.

Before we left, we were asked to be Joseph, Mary, and Baby Jesus in our stake's live nativity! It was a pretty cool experience.

Here are some pictures of us just hanging out around the house before our big trip.


Proud Daddy!

Can you guess what is all over my leg? Yep...he's a sprayer...

Blake did really well on the plane to Utah, but of course it wouldn't be holiday travel without some kind of catastrophe, right?! When we landed in Denver, we got an email that our flight delayed. It was delayed three more times, and then it was CANCELLED! I was seriously considering crying to see if someone would take pity on me and my newborn baby and give us their seat on the plane. Long story short...after many hours in the Denver airport... we finally got on standby and BARELY made it on to a plane. We arrived in SLC sometime around 1 am.

Blake sleeping in the airport.

We had a breakfast date with my sister, Melanie, the next morning. We didn't sleep much that night, but it was worth it. We were really happy to get to spend time with Mel. I think Blake enjoyed meeting his new aunt.

We had family photos taken in Utah as well. LOVE how they turned out! Loved taking photos with all three of us.

Here are some other picture from our fun trip.

Cousins Abby and Iris

My Uncle Nate

Aaron's Grandma Lanoy

Christmas Morning!

Aaron bought me a brand new lens for Christmas! Naturally I started practicing with it right away!


We went shopping for Blake's blessing outfit which was a huge highlight for me!
 Such a fun trip! Memories in the making...

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