Sunday, August 25, 2013

Elder Whitlock...the adventure begins!!

Blake's first big road trip in a car was to Sioux Falls, SD! It was kind of a long car ride (9 hours without stopping) because we had to stop to feed Blake every two hours, but it was worth it. I was so glad to have Sam with me to keep me company on the way up. My parents asked me to watch my two younger brothers while they drove Sam to the MTC in Utah. Aaron and I have never been apart for longer than a week (when he travels for work), so I knew two weeks was going to be crazy hard... and it was! Thankfully I had my awesome family to distract me.
Sorry for the poor quality in pictures...I forgot my camera cord at home so these are all camera phone pictures. Sad day!!
Grandma sure enjoyed the cuddle time!

Great-Grandma did too!
This is a picture of my grandma with Blake and my Uncle Barry's daughter, Stella. They are only 6 months apart!

The newly set apart missionary! Sam will be serving in the Washington, D.C. North Mission...FRENCH speaking! How cool is that? I was able to go with him when he was set apart. Such a strong spirit filled the room. He will be such an awesome missionary.

Uncle Nate

Uncle Nate, Uncle Ben, and Blake playing games
Master Yoda Blake went through a huge growth spurt while we were gone. He does this thing where he gets SUPER chubby and then grows tall and leaner...and then he gets SUPER chubby again. I love it!!!

 We had such a fun time, but let me tell you what...I'm not ready to have three kids! Running my brothers around to school and their different activities with a three month old was a ton of work. Also, my brother Ben is Autistic and is on a gluten-free and dairy-free diet. Talk about challenging! I really appreciated all my parents do for my brother after those two weeks. It is not an easy life. I enjoyed every minute of our trip, but I was glad it was only for two weeks. I couldn't wait to get back to my hubby!
Even though Blake is only three months old, I could tell that he missed his daddy!! I was thrilled to be home. I felt so bad that we missed Aaron's birthday while we were gone too! Hopefully I made it up to him with some awesome gifts and...HOMEMADE NOODLES! Just like his grandma used to make...well...kind of. I can't claim they were that good, but I tried.

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