Monday, August 19, 2013

Blake's Blessing Day

We can't stop taking pictures of this little guy. Don't be surprised that most of this blog will be primarily pictures!
Educating him properly...
Blake's blessing took place on January 26, 2013. It was the only time that both families could come for the blessing. Also, my brother Sam would be leaving for the MTC a couple weeks was perfect timing! We were so happy that Sam would be there for the blessing. The only one we were missing was my brother Nate. He had to stay behind to work.

Uncle Sam

Uncle Ben

Grandma and Grandpa Whitlock

Grandma and Grandpa Lanoy


Everyone who stood in the circle for the blessing. Left to Right...Blake's Great Uncle Randall, Uncle Sam, Grandpa Lanoy, Daddy, and Grandpa Whitlock. 

Love our little family!
It was a perfect day. I feel so blessed to belong to such wonderful families. I especially am so happy so have a husband that is so wonderful to Blake and I. Having the priesthood in our home is an irreplaceable joy and blessing. I'm so thankful that Aaron brings that to our home!
Sam stayed with us after the blessing for a day so that he could drive with me up to Sioux Falls. I will be staying with my two younger brothers while my parents drive Sam to the MTC. More to come on that soon! Isn't this picture just precious? I think Sam held Blake the whole time he was with us after everyone left and all the commotion died down after the blessing. It's crazy to think that he won't see Blake again until he is a toddler!

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