Sunday, May 1, 2011

General Conference Weekend!

Lots of updates to post!

General Conference was GREAT as usual... both in the messages we heard and the people we spent the weekend with. We traveled to Mountain Home, Arkansas to visit Aaron's extended family. We stayed with his Grandma Drake, who is such a lovely lady. We love spending time with her. Aaron has a favorite meal of his Grandma's that I don't know how to make. It's chicken noodle soup over mashed potatoes and EVERYTHING is made from scratch. So this time when we went to visit her, she showed us how to make everything. I still think it will take me years to perfect it, but I will keep trying!

Aaron and Grams making homemade noodles for the soup
We also got to spend time with Aaron's uncle, aunt, & cousins who live just down the road and elsewhere in town.

Cousin Emily, and her son Tanner
Emily is expecting her second child (a girl) at the end of the summer/early fall!

Grams & Aunt Robin

Dinner with the family: Uncle Randall, Cousin Emily, Grams, Cousin Joseph and his wife Julietta.

At the very end of the table you can barely see Joseph & Julietta's baby boy Clark. Tanner is on his Grandpa's lap.It was a great trip! These trips are never long enough, but we're so glad that Mountain Home is only three hours away so that we can hopefully make many more trips!


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