Saturday, April 2, 2011

New Camera!

I have always loved taking pictures, but now that I am married I have really wanting to start taking more pictures so we can document our lives together! I have always been really creative too, and have gotten really good at editing pictures so I figured I need to take the next step and just get a good camera!

Also, since my mother-in-law owns a scrapbooking company... I need good pictures to scrapbook!


Aaron bought me a new camera!

It's a Cannon Rebel T2i.... it came with two different lenses, a beautiful camera bag, and all the other little gadgets. Aaron's Aunt Lynette helped us pick it out. I know quite a bit about basic camera taking. I took a black and white manual developing class awhile back, so I know a lot about your basic "how a camera works" type of a thing. BUT I have a lot to learn about this camera, and the different lenses since it is all digital. We are in Mountain Home, AR visiting Aaron's extended family right now, so I plan on practicing with my new camera this weekend. There are lots of cute kids around to take pictures of!

I'm really excited about being able to take lots of good quality pictures of our extended families, me and Aaron, and then our future kids .... eventually.... ;).

Maybe this will help me keep up on our blog more often, too!


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