Friday, November 26, 2010


This time of the year is possibly my favorite.
I love the changing leaves, the time spent with family, the cold weather, the holiday music, etc....

This year we are spending Thanksgiving with Aaron's family in Mountain Home, AR. His immediate family flew out to our house and spend a couple of days with us and then we all drove out to his grandmas house. It's been SO much fun.

Until I married Aaron Thanksgiving has always been second to Christmas in my mind at this time of the year. I like Thanksgiving, but I am looking much more forward to Christmas. I am very grateful that I married someone who would NOT let me put my Christmas tree up until after Thanksgiving, because it made me focus on this particular holiday a lot more. I have realized over the last couple of days how much I have to be thankful for.

So here are just a couple of things that I'm grateful for!!!!!

1. A husband who loves me, and is a hard worker, and an overall great person.
2. A family who loves me and with who I have a close relationship.
3. A new family-in-law who I love being around, and enjoy spending the holidays with.
4. A great job...although difficult and stressful sometimes...I am still thankful to have a great paying job in this economy.
5. A warm house in a great town in a beautiful town that I love living in.
6. My religion and beliefs that keep me leading the kind of life that I want and need.
7. Technology and all of the benefits that it brings to our lives.
8. Nature.... I love love love Arkansas fall seasons. It's so gorgeous here.
9. Good health... the more I think about it... the more i realize how lucky I am to be in such good health.
10. Our great country. While at times it may appear quite messed up, we still enjoy so many great freedoms that we would not otherwise enjoy, and for that I am grateful.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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