Friday, October 22, 2010

Happily Ever After

Now that we're married...we decided to join the world of bloggers. I didn't ever picture myself writing a blog, but I think I am going to enjoy it. I have always loved keeping a journal so I think I will really love this!

Married life is wonderful. It's like always having your best friend with you. You always have someone to hold you at the end of a bad day, and you always have someone to share your life with. Now that we're married... I can't imagine life without Aaron.

On Monday we will be celebrating our one month anniversary. Now I realize that celebrating our anniversary each month is going a little overboard, but we figured that celebrating one month would be fun!! We are going to Olive Garden for dinner, and then I think we might do some fun shopping with our gift cards from our wedding.

Because so much has happened in the last month... I decided to do a list of highlights and exciting things that we have discovered about being married!

1. Honeymoon = DISNEYLAND! So incredibly fun. Total bliss. We had SO MUCH FUN!

2. Opening lots and lots of presents. We have so many awesome friends and family. We feel very blessed.

3. Date Night. Even though we are married, we still really love going on dates. This week has been SO exhausting and we were both so tired so we decided to do something simple for date night. We played Harry Potter Lego on the XBOX. Then we tried watching Stardust, but Aaron was pretty tired. I had him turn it off so he could get some sleep. He's currently in bed, and i'm on the couch watching TV. This is the first night that we haven't fallen asleep at the same time.

4. Seeing each other after work. I get home before Aaron does, and I get really excited when I hear the garage door opening because it means Aaron is home!!

5. Decorating our home. I LOVE having a house. No noisy neighbors... and I can put as many holes in the wall or paint the wall whatever color I want. It's a nice sense of freedom.

6. Married friends. We love hanging out with our married friends. It was fun before we were married, but it's even better now. It's great too because if Aaron feels like playing video games with the guys... the girls and I can do something crafty in another room. We are hanging out with friends, but we're still together so I really like that.

7. A normal routine. We are starting to settle into something of a normal routine. It will be even more normal after we are done painting the guest room/ my office. We LOVE sleeping in on Saturday mornings. We never used to because we wanted to be together so we would get up early and meet up at either his house or mine. Sleeping in has definitely become part of our normal routine, and I'm quite OK with that!

8. Mornings. I love seeing Aaron before I go to work. It makes my day just that much better. It's a great way to start the day! I wouldn't have it any other way. I have been pretty good about getting up to make Aaron breakfast before he leaves at 5:45am but the last couple mornings I have been pretty tired.

9. Sundays. Lazy lazy Sundays with my hubby. I love it. I cherish Sundays already because it's the one day of the week where we aren't trying to fit in 12 hours of work a day and everything else in our busy lives. We can just relax and enjoy each others company on Sunday.

10. Church. I love going to church with Aaron. We have only been to church once since we were married. The first Sunday we were on our honeymoon. The second Sunday was general conference so we watched that on our TV. The third Sunday we were in South Dakota for our second reception, and then this last Sunday was our first Sunday in our new ward! I love sitting next to Aaron and appreciating that such a great and worthy man was able to take me to the temple to be married for time and all eternity.

I supposed I should get some sleep. After all tomorrow is Saturday and that means cleaning the house, baking, painting, and FOOTBALL! That's right. I am determined to sit and watch an entire football game with Aaron. I really like watching football in person, but I get restless watching it on TV. Tomorrow will be different though! I'm determined.

That's all for now ~

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